Solid Hardwood

Hardwood is not the easiest way to produce frames. From a rough piece of lumber to a finished piece is a long journey. But one that is ultimately worth it.

There's nothing worse than a beautiful photograph in a cheap, standard one-in-a-dozen kind of frame. Framing has to be subtle but at the same time should enhance the artwork. 

We choose hardwood for its structural and aesthetic value. With hardwood it is possible to make larger frames and still use elegant dimensions. The corners and edges stay a lot sharper, straighter which enhances the modern effect. Aesthetically it definitely adds a noble and quality characteristic to the finished piece.

Maybe not everybody thinks this extremely important, but when a frame is nice to the touch, it becomes more part of the furniture. We believe that people who buy art are sensitive to these matters.

The hardwood we chose for the three series on the Pyrenees is beech. Because most of pyrenean forests are made up of beech. It also has a rich history in this region. Beech is a very hard, durable wood that is used a lot in furniture making. It used to be a favourite wood in shipbuilding and the French planted and harvested a lot of beech in the Pyrenees in 18th Century for their shipbuilding needs.